Allied Collection Service for maximum recovery of your accounts receivables
Full Service Debt Collection Solution

Full Service Debt Collection Solutions

Allied Collection Service, Inc. has provided bad debt recovery services since 1969. Our staff is dedicated to providing effective results and maximum recovery while exhibiting the same integrity and professionalism you would expect.

Full Service Bad Debt Collection

Pre-collection & Letter Service

Allied Collection Service, Inc. provides many services and products to Hospitals, Utility companies, Universities, Colleges, Apartment complexes, Doctors offices, Dentist, Retail, and other creditors. Allied Collection Service, Inc. has clients in Indiana, Kentucky, Florida, and Ohio. This flexibility allows us to serve a wide range of clients large and small.

Let Allied Collection Service, Inc. help you conquer your collection issues to meet or exceed your goals in the most cost effective manner. Allow us to be there for you from the initial pre-collect letter to the filing of suit in full collections.

No Collection - No Charge
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  • Allied Collection Service is a full service company
  • Pre-Collection & Letter Service
  • Bad debt collection
  • Wide range of clients
  • Dedicated to providing effective results
  • Achieve maximum recovery
  • Large or small clients